Electra iOS 11 Jailbreak With Cydia Released Into The Wild For iPhones


There is new jailbreaking software available for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini, so long as they have not been updated to the latest version of iOS. Using Electra, a free jailbreaking tool, iOS owners can wedge Cydia onto their mobile device and fetch apps that can only be installed on jailbroken phones and tablets, along with access settings that are normally untouchable.

The jailbreak tool is for iOS 11 and works on versions up through iOS 11.1.2. So, it's compatible with iOS 11.0, 11.0.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.3, 11.1, 11.1.1, and 11.1.2. Apple recently pushed out an update to iOS that brings the version number for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices to 11.2.6, and it appears that Electra does not work devices that are fully up to date. For everyone else, however, it's fair game.

For those who are interested, to install the jailbreak, first download both the Electra jailbreak IPA and Cydia Impactor. Once you have those, connect the device you are trying to jailbreak to your PC using its lightning cable. Launch Cydia Impactor and then drag the Electra IPA file onto it. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted, which will initiate the installation of the Electra jailbreak toolkit onto your device.

After the toolkit is installed, head to Settings > General > Profiles and Device Management. Find the Electra app profile and select Trust and Confirm. Head back to the Home screen and tap the Jailbreak button to being the actual jailbreak process, then sit back and wait.

Once that finishes, launch Cydia and tap on Upgrade Essentials. Once that process completes, you can hop into the Cydia app store and start taking advantage of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Top and Thumbnail Image Source: coolstar.org