Egraphs Start-up Taking Sports Autographs High Tech

If you’re still buying paper books at the bookstore, you might have a hard time with this one: athlete autographs are going digital. That’s right, trying to catch your favorite player’s attention is no longer the only way to get him to sign memorabilia. Start-up is offering digital autographs from MLB players that pair audio with your signed image.

Egraphs Have Audio And An Image

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What with social networks, Egraphs make a lot of sense. Buy an Egraph for $25-$100, and you can share it on Facebook. The process is pretty simple, and it gives you a chance to share a little more with the player than you might if you leaned over a railing with a ball. You can send the player a note, and he’ll respond by recording a short audio message with an iPad. Then your Egraph is sent to you over the Internet. You can also get a print version if you prefer.

So far, the site has more than 100 MLB players who are available to do Egraphs.