Eee Transformer Demand "Far" Outpacing Expectations For Asus

Wondering why it's so hard to find an Eee Transformer these days? It's not because there's not enough parts to make things, or that there's a problem with the quality. According to Netbook News, who contacted Asus spokesperson David Chang, it's just because the device is a great deal, and people love it. He stated that around 100,000 of the units would be made in May, and 200,000 or more would come in June, but that there's significant demand for each and every one of them. And with a price + performance combo like it has, we can't say that we're surprised.

He stated that the company will have to continue ramping up demand if demand remains high, and honestly, they never expected demand to be this high. He stated that current demand outstrips expectations "by far," and that's good news for Asus and their innovation. Hopefully we'll see the company step even further outside of the box -- varying the product line definitely makes things better for the consumer.
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