EE Mobile Service Brings 4G LTE To London, More UK Cities Soon

There's a new network in town. That is, if your town is London. With LTE taking over major cities around the world, England's largest locale in terms of population is about to hop on the same bandwagon. Everything Everywhere is a new company, a new network, and a new brand, and it's bringing a new face to 4G in London. Coined "EE," the company has a big challenge ahead of it, but given that it switched on live today, it shouldn't take long to see how many Londoners will flock over for access to faster mobile data. The company promises that it's LTE will spread to 16 cities by the year's end, covering 20 million people, or a third of their nation's population.

By 2014, a full 98% of the UK's population should be covered. In due time, over 700 EE-branded stores will be opened, and both Orange and T-Mobile customers are slated to benefit from the change. EE will also launch a fibre broadband service to homes and businesses with fixedline internet speeds typically ten times faster than today's average broadband speeds. Four cities – London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham – are switched on today for the company's engineers to begin live testing and systems integration, in readiness for the customer launch.

Of course, a network isn't much without devices, but it'll have the Galaxy S III LTE, Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC One XL right out of the gate. No, there's no iPhone, but considering that the next iPhone may be the first to support LTE, perhaps that'll change shortly.