Ecobee Launches New SmartCamera And SmartSensors With Haven Home Monitoring Platform

ecobee home monitoring

Home security is very much at the forefront of many people’s minds these days and some are turning to smart home security solutions. Ecobee recently introduced its Haven home monitoring platform, SmartCamera with voice control, and SmartSensors for doors and windows. The company's hope is that the new products and platform will provide users with a “frictionless” home security solution.

Ecobee has offered their SmartThermostat, basic SmartSensors, and other products for several years. The company realized that consumers were “using ecobee SmartSensors and solutions like IFTTT to basically hack together security systems.” Ecobee decided to offer a more robust system so that users would not feel the need to form a piecemeal home security system.

ecobee smartcameras
ecobee SmartCamera

The SmartCamera with voice control features a 180-degree field of view and 1080p resolution. The camera’s point of view can adjust automatically or through the ecobee app. It can automatically shut off when it recognizes a household member and its video recordings are stored on the device. Video is only shared to the cloud if the house is “alarmed” and an unknown intruder is detected by the camera. The SmartCamera also features Amazon’s Alexa and can be issued voice commands.

The SmartSensors for doors and windows detect whether a door or window has been opened while the house is alarmed. Users will receive a push notification if they are away from their home. Both the SmartSenors and SmartCamera are also compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

All of ecobee’s products, including older devices, can be connected together by their new monitoring platform. Haven is a “truly intelligent” monitoring system that forgoes keypads and other cumbersome devices. The platform's Autopilot feature "leverages the intelligence of all ecobee devices in the home" to learn the user’s behavioral patterns and act accordingly.

ecobee smartsensors
ecobee SmartSensors for doors and windows

There are three alarm modes: Armed, Armed-Stay and Disarmed. Autopilot can arm or disarm the alarm system, adjust temperature, or power off when the user or a recognized household member arrives home. Users will receive a push notification on their device when an unknown intruder attempts to enter their home. The platform’s goal is to better understand the movement and patterns of the household members in order to eliminate unnecessary anxiety.

Unfortunately, Haven cannot contact the authorities if there is an intruder or alert the fire department if there is a fire in your home. Users will merely receive a push notification from the ecobee app and they will be able to sound an alarm in their home. Authorities will still need to be contacted independently from the app.

The ecobee SmartCamera with voice control rings in at $179, while a two pack of the ecobee SmartSensor for doors and windows will cost $79. The Haven platform is a subscription service with two tiers. Users can pay $5 a month for home monitoring and AutoPilot and video Storage for up to one device or $10 month for unlimited devices. Users can sign up for a free month to test out the platform. There are also several bundle options that include additional devices.