ECB Disk Storage Vendors to See Huge Revenue Growth from External Cloud Computing Deployments

According to a forecast from Gartner, external controller-based (ECB) disk storage vendors will see remarkable revenue growth as the external cloud computing market (i.e., third-party cloud providers) continues to develop.

In 2010, ECB disk storage revenue worldwide was $267.4 million; this year’s current pace puts 2011’s number at $417.3 million, and Gartner believes that in 2015, those revenues will reach $1.45 billion.

Private clouds hosted by a company for its own internal use are popular, as they offer many of the benefits of the cloud and avoid some of the potential issues, such as vendor lock-in and the need to rely heavily on a third party for sensitive and important data and services. However, this report indicates that public cloud deployments and third-party private cloud deployments are on the rise. (It follows that hybrid clouds from external providers will as well.)

The numbers alone are worth noting, but this trend brings to light the need for SaaS and IaaS providers to lean on commercial disk arrays that are optimized for the cloud, as opposed to older storage architectures.

“With the exception of a few extremely large cloud providers, such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, which have deep pockets for internal R&D to develop their own storage infrastructure with commodity hardware, enterprise-focused external cloud providers will prefer commercial ECB storage technologies over homegrown storage hardware infrastructures”, said Gartner in a press release.

The Gartner forecast also noted that although ECB storage looks to be ideal for smaller organizations, prices will need to drop quite a bit in order to make the largest deployments feasible.
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