EA Reiterates Belief Digital Downloads Will Soon Leapfrog Boxed Game Sales

Years ago, you could walk into a computer store like Software Etc. and browse aisles and aisles of computer games and software. And today? Well, if you're a fan of boxed PC games, then taking trips to your local GameStop is a quick way to end up depressed, as the PC titles in most locations have been demoted to a single rack. Digital distribution is the wave of the future, and as far as Electronic Arts is concerned, that's where the focus should be.

EA has said before that it believes digital downloads will overtake boxed game sales in the future, and lest anyone forgot, company COO Peter Moore recently reiterated that belief in an interview. According to Moore, that time is fast approaching.

EA Origin

"There will come a point, whether it is two or three years from now, when we say, 'We are doing more in digital media now than we are in physical media,' and it's clearly not far away," Moore said.

Moore's belief is buoyed by the fact that EA amassed $1.3 billion in revenue from digital sales last year. For the company's fiscal year set to end in March 2013, EA expects to collect $2.6 billion in revenue from boxed goods and $1.7 billion from digital sales. That gap will only get smaller as time goes on, especially as online mobile gaming continues to gain steam.