EA and AMD Demo Battlefield 4 On AMD Radeon HD 7990 Graphics

The annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco isn't typically a launching-pad for a graphics card, but it's clear that AMD is excited about what it has in store. As Marco tackled in his detailed AMD round-up yesterday, the company is set to launch its Radeon HD 7990 in the very near-future, with more solid details hopefully to trickle out soon.

What we do know is that the brilliant Battlefield 4 demo shown-off at the event was powered by AMD's future flagship, as mentioned in a tweet by the company's @AMDGaming handle.

One would think that with such a powerful GPU, AMD wouldn't mind divulging some important details, but not so. It had no qualm in touting the HD 7990 as the "world's fastest graphics card", however, something I'm sure NVIDIA just loves to hear - especially with its Titan having just launched this month, claiming the same accomplishment.

AMD's Product Manager Devon Nekechuk

Based on leaked specs that have been floating around the Web for the last month or so, it does seem likely that AMD will gain the rights to that claim. If the rumors do prove true, the HD 7990 should perform just about as fast as dual HD 7970s in CrossFireX, equipped with the same clock speeds of 925MHz core and 1375MHz. Rumor also has it that the card will retail for about $900, so if AMD does in fact have the "world's fastest graphics card" with its HD 7990, NVIDIA's Titan could be a harder sell at $1,000.