E Ink Buying Large Chunk Of SiPix, Becomes Huge E-Paper Player

The e-paper universe has largely been dominated by once giant force: E Ink. But there was another player, too. That would be SiPix Technology, and its wholly owned subsidiary SiPix Imaging. The company was founded in 1999, but soon, it won't be operating on its own any longer. E Ink has just agreed to buy shares of SiPix, enhancing its e-paper portfolio and making its stance in the market even stronger.
"E Ink is committed to growing the ePaper market and the purchase of SiPix shares is part of our long term growth strategy," said Scott Liu, Chairman of E Ink Holdings. "Our goal is 'E Ink On Every Smart Surface' and we are continuing to make investments in technologies that will open new markets for our ePaper displays."

"In the recent past, we enabled an entire eReader market with our electronic paper," said Felix Ho, Vice Chairman of E Ink Holdings. "Today, E Ink's products are finding homes in a number of new applications which can be better served with the inclusion of SiPix's products, technologies and intellectual property to our portfolio."
There are a lot of ways to spin it, but the end result is a larger company "with a larger global network of offices to support customers in different geographies."

E Ink has reached an agreement to buy 82.7% of SiPix's (STI) shares and is seeking to buy up to 100%. If all goes well, the deal will close in Q4, after which it'll be really hard for you to start your own e-paper company and come close to competing on a global scale.