E Ink Android Prototype Phone Lasts A Week On A Single Charge

If you're the type of smartphone user who is constantly searching for a charger or a phone that has longer battery life, E Ink's latest prototype phone may catch your eye. Although this phone doesn't boast of a large, colorful display with HD resolution, it does offer something other phones can't: extreme battery life.

In fact, E Ink's prototype Android phone is said to last for up to one week on a single charge. It does this by using the same E Ink display technology found in eReaders such as the Kindle and the Nook. Of course, there are some tradeoffs that come with this display. More specifically, the phone's user interface and video playback capabilities aren't going to compete with today's high-end phones. In exchange however, you'll get a phone with exceptional battery life and a display that's very easy on the eyes.

A smartphone with an E Ink display also offers excellent outdoor readability, potentially low cost, and a very lightweight design—the concept device shown at MWC weighs just 80 grams. Keep in mind the device is still a prototype, but it's always fun to consider new ways E Ink's display technology could be used.

E Ink is also considering ways to integrate E Ink panels into phones that have removable back covers. These replacement covers would use Bluetooth to communicate with a phone and display content on the back of the phone even when it is asleep. These displays could help you avoid the need to activate the front display in some situations, thereby saving battery life.