E FUN Goes Stylus With 7" Next5 Android 2.1 Tablet

My, how the times have changed. Just a few years ago, the vast majority of tablets shipped with resistive touch panels and a stylus to control input. These days, it's all about capacitive and multi-touch. If you can't do it with your fingers, it's not worth doing...or something like that. But E FUN (hardly a household name) is putting the joy back into stylus-based tablets, starting with the Next5. This is a newly launched 7" tablet with Android 2.1, an integrated APEN digital stylus, built-in Wi-Fi and plenty more.

The digital pen really steals the show. It connects wirelessly to the tablet in order to generate, save and/or transmit real-time notes, write emails, and create drawings using regular paper and normal ink. You'll also be able to consume YouTube videos, listen to streaming music, download applications and stuff content onto the 2GB of built-in memory. There's also a microSD slot if you're looking to expand, as well as 25 pre-loaded books, an MP3/photo viewing and built-in speakers.

At $279.99, we're almost willing to forgive the ancient Android build.

E FUN Shipping the First Android Tablet with Integrated Digital Pen

Introduced at 2011 CES the Next5 Has 7”Color Display, Wi-Fi, eBook Store App, SlideME App Manager and Much More

WEST COVINA, CA – APRIL 28, 2011 – E FUN, a consumer electronics designer and marketer of fun, easy-to-use lifestyle products, is now shipping its Next5 Android tablet computer with the company’s patented APEN digital pen integrated into the tablet. The new Next5, an addition to the company’s Nextbook line, has a 7” TFT touch-screen color display, built-in Wi-Fi, multimedia functionality, eBook Store app, and the SlideME application manager preloaded. It is the first Android tablet to include an integrated digital pen.

“There was a lot of excitement around our Nextbook Next5 Android at CES,” remarked Jason Liszewski, managing director and vice president of sales for E FUN. “With the integration of our patented APEN digital pen, users can make, save, and/or transmit real-time notes as they browse the internet, read a book, do school work, or any number of things. It is another perfect example of how E FUN is putting the fun in functionality.”

The E FUN Nextbook line of sleek, lightweight Android tablets is just that: the next generation of books that can be taken and read anywhere.

The Next5 features Google’s powerful Android operating system. It has a generous 7” TFT touch-screen color display, 2GB of built-in memory with support for a MicroSD card, and MP3/photo viewer. Built-in speakers, microphone, and G-sensor are also included.

The standard-shape patented APEN digital pen allows users to do real-time computer annotation of digital photos, mark documents, add electronic signatures to documents and create handwritten e-mails. Its special transmitter and software digitize handwriting and hand-drawn images, which can then be immediately shared via e-mail, in blogs, or social media sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

With built-in Wi-Fi technology, Next5 users can browse the Internet, receive and answer e-mails, watch YouTube videos and listen to internet music. Its touch-screen feature puts turning pages while reading and choosing applications right on the user’s fingertips. A seven-mode equalizer adjusts audio to match the music format. Additional functions include a calculator and an alarm clock.

Next5 owners can download their favorite titles from the comfort of their own home using the preloaded eBook Store App. The unit comes with 25 eBooks preloaded.  The Next5 also features the SlideME application manager to easily download and purchase apps. It hosts nearly 3000 Android applications, including apps that are exclusive to their site, providing a wide range of selections.

Accessories include a USB cable, protective case, AC adaptor, stylus, 5”x8” note pad and instruction guide.

The E FUN Next5 Android Tablet with APEN digital pen has an MSRP of $279.99 and is available now.