Duros 8404 Rugged Tablet Gets Atom, Daylight LCD

If you've found yourself computing more and more outside, you've probably also found yourself struggling to really see what's going on. Most notebook displays, particularly those of the glossy variety, are nearly impossible to see when in direct sunlight, and that's exactly why Duros is adding a daylight-readable panel to its refreshed 8404 rugged tablet.

The device, which is also being revamped with an Intel Atom processor, now boasts an 8.4" sunlight-viewable SVGA touchscreen, a solid-aluminum chassis and non-rotating compact flash drive. More specifically, the LED sunlight-viewable display achieves brightness of 1,100 nit and a 120-degree viewing angle. Granted, the 8404 is primarily designed for outdoor applications in the workplace, but if your own business takes you to the great outdoors, it may be a solid option. There's no mention of a price for new device, but with luxuries such as a hot-swappable battery, we expect it to set you back a noticeable amount.