Dunkin' Donuts App Helps You Get Your Fix Faster

Coffee and donuts are things we often get while on the go, so it makes sense that coffee shop chains are getting in on tech that makes the transactions a little faster. Starbucks has seen plenty of publicity for its payment app and now Dunkin' Donuts is getting in on the action with the Dunkin' Moblie App for Android and iPhone.

The app's main feature is the DD card, which you tap to pay for your coffee instead of fumbling with change or hunting for an actual card. It's pretty slick and it certainly makes paying easier. You can buy a digital DD card from the app and refill it via your credit card.

The app also helps you find nearby DD's in a pinch and has nutritional info and a menu and such. One feature that caught our attention is the ability to send gift cards right from the app. You can send the cards to friends via email, Facebook, or text. Starbucks doesn't have such an option yet with its app.

Dunkin' Donuts Mobile App

With companies diving into mobile payments, it's starting to look like the days of the wallet may be numbered. You can already store most of the info that's in your wallet (business cards, photos, etc.) in your phone. Once your phone can handle payments for your daily transactions, will you bother with a wallet?