Duke Nukem Forever Back On and Coming to Consoles, PCs

Some of the biggest, or at least the strangest news coming out of the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this year concerned the fate of Duke Nukem Forever. Once thought dead after 3D Realms officially canned the decade-long game, it turns out that DNF is far from dead. Established developer Gearbox has been working to finish the title since 2009. DNF could therefore hit stores as early as the end of this year, but considering the title, even predicting that seems laughable. Instead, let's go with 2011. 

This is normally the point where we'd make some snarky comments about the chances DNF will ever ship, or mock the game's chance of living up, even slightly, to the enormous expectations of its fanbase. In this case, however, it's almost impossible to know where or how to start. In the past 13 years, virtually everything that could be said *has* been said. There've already been websites devoted to all the other things that happened while DNF was in development, and the game has gone through more engines than a LAN player slugging BAWLS at a tourney.

It's hard to imagine a game where killing that thing *wouldn't* be fun, though we're admittedly concerned about Duke's nails. Lavender never seemed like his color...

It's hard to read the history of the game's development and not feel a bit sorry for George Broussard, who probably should've been pulled off the title by 2000. Even then, it was clear that the man was trapped in a cycle of obsessive-compulsive "improvements" that would never actually be good enough to justify shipping the game. George, if you read this, we hope you got yourself some serious mental help. Gearbox, good luck finishing the game. Don't try to make it a legend—the majority of gamers these days probably haven't even heard of Duke Nukem 3D. Just make it fun.