Dual-Mode HTC Android Phone Shows in Verizon Colors

In the U.S., the majority of Android devices have been on the Verizon network, and although there have been plenty on Sprint's CDMA and T-Mobile and AT&T's GSM networks, they've been dwarfed by the swarm of devices on Verizon's network. Yet there's been one thing missing: a dual-mode CDMA/GSM Android device. Now we see there's one coming, and to Verizon.

It's not as though dual-mode CDMA/GSM devices are that common, but among smartphones, there have been a few Windows Mobile devices on Verizon and Sprint's networks. A dual-mode device makes it far easier for those sporting a CDMA phone to travel.

This unnamed HTC phone has a slide-out keyboard, EV-DO Rev. A, 802.11n wi-fi, and a 4-inch screen. The missing details, of course, include what type of processor, how much internal and external storage, and what type of screen. We'll assume all the normal niceties (BT, at least Android 2.2, etc. etc.), but we can hope for the rumored Android 3.0 and perhaps that 1.2 GHz processor when this device first showed its face in early August. Also rumored: an early 2011 launch.
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