Dropbox Ups The Ante, Offering 1TB Of Storage For Just $10

When Google began offering its Drive customers a huge 1TB worth of cloud storage for just $10 per month back in March, it seemed inevitable that its competitors would soon follow-suit. In June, Microsoft was the first to do so, offering 1TB as a perk to its Office 365 subscribers. Today, Dropbox has finally joined in as well, which is major mostly because this is a company that infamously holds off on adjusting its plans even when competition heats up.

Today, the company has effectively merged all of its Pro accounts into one, offering everyone huge 1TB storage for just $10/mo. Those needing business-class features can gain the same storage plus other admin features for $15/mo.

Considering the fact that Dropbox previously charged $10/mo for 100GB of storage, to say that this shift is major would be a great understatement. Or, here's another way to look at things: Those who had access to half of 1TB worth of storage were previously paying 5x as much per month.

Personally, I am still swaying towards preferring Microsoft's offer, because it's also $10/mo and offers quite a bit more: Up to 5 users each get 1TB of space, and that fee also includes the Office 365 suite. There's no denying that many are very-much tied in with Dropbox, however, so this bump in storage - or even reduction in price for some - is no doubt going to be very welcome.

It's a well-established fact that competition is a good thing - it usually results in better services and better prices. The cloud storage business is great proof of that.

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