Dropbox Crams More Storage Space Into Some Accounts For The Same Price

If you're a Dropbox customer paying for the service, you'll be glad to know that a free storage upgrade is coming your way. Dropbox has updated its Business Standard plan from 2TB of data to 3TB for the same $12.50 per user per month charge. Dropbox says that these storage updates will allow users to upload more UHD video files, offload images from their smartphones, and share large files with clients (a la CADs). 

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The Dropbox Professional plan for individuals is also seeing a storage increase, doubling in capacity from 1TB to 2TB for the same $16.58 per month. Dropbox Plus keeps its current $8.25 monthly rate and the same 1TB of storage space that money gets you. For teams needing all the space they can get, Dropbox still offers a plan dubbed Business Advanced that is $20 per user per month that has unlimited storage.

That extra terabyte of data might be enough to keep some business from jumping up from the Business Standard offering to Advanced. New customers will get the updated storage amounts immediately. Existing customers may have to wait a bit before they see the updated storage capacities. Dropbox says the addition of the new storage could take a few weeks to complete for all customers, and with good reason.

Dropbox says, "Providing a seamless experience for all existing customers, with all their unique account configurations, is of utmost importance. Dropbox is being extra careful in migrating our existing customer accounts to ensure smooth transitions for all to the new 2/3 TB plans."

Dropbox added native support for G Suite documents back in March.