Dropbox Update Adds Ability to Automatically Upload Screenshots

Dropbox helped popularize the idea of saving everything to the cloud, and by being one of the first services to offer seamless integration with the desktop and mobile devices, it has a distinct advantage in name recognition. It also faces stiff competition these days from a number of competitors like SkyDrive (Microsoft), SugarSync, and Google Drive, to name just a few. The key to staying one step ahead -- or least remaining in the race -- is to keep introducing new features, and that's what Dropbox has done.

It's not a major feature addition, but with the latest update, Dropbox will automatically upload all the screenshots you take, if you want it to.

Dropbox Screenshot Share

"On top of that, Dropbox will also create a link to your screenshot and copy it to your clipboard — so your picture’s instantly good to share. Whether you’re capturing screenshots of websites, favorite dog videos, or video calls with your buddy in São Paulo, now Dropbox can help keep your computer a little more organized," Dropbox announced in a blog post.

For you Mac users out there, the latest Dropbox update also includes an importer that copies your photos from iPhone directly to your Dropbox.