Dropbox to Drop Kick Public Folders July 31, 2012

We like Dropbox because it's simple, effective, and up to this point, has been a reliable way to take advantage of cloud storage. If you're like us, you're a fan of Dropbox too. And if you've never used it, you should check it out, though your experience might be slightly different than those of us who are already using the service.

"After July 31, 2012, we will no longer create Public folders in any new Dropbox accounts If your app depends on Public folders, we recommend switching to the /shares API call," Dropbox announced in a blog post.

Why the change? Dropbox says it launched a feature in April that gives users the ability to share any file or folder with a simple link, which essentially is a more generalized version of Public folders. Be that as it may, existing account holders can continue using their Public folders beyond the July 31 cutoff date.