Dropbox Reaches 100 Million Users, Sets Up Contest as Thank You

In the five years since its inception, Dropbox has exploded from nothing to the premier consumer cloud storage service in the market. Founder Drew Houston recalled in a blog post that the idea for Dropbox came to him when he found himself in a train station having forgotten his flash drive at home, and between that fateful day and the present, the company has amassed 100 million users.

That’s quite a feat, and to celebrate and say thanks (and generate even more users), Dropbox is setting up a contest wherein its users share their own “Dropbox stories” of how they use the service and why.

Dropbox Thank You

The top 100 stories will earn those users 10GB of Dropbox storage for life; the top 10 will receive 100GB. Dropbox has even set up a page aggregating all the stories, which you can freely peruse.
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