Dropbox Debuts Single Sign-On and Rebranded ‘Dropbox for Business’

Cloud storage and sharing service Dropbox continues to build out its offerings in the enterprise; for starters, there’s simple yet telling name change from “Dropbox for Teams” to “Dropbox for Business”. Additionally, Dropbox is rolling out more upgrades for its business-level service.

Today’s addition is single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, which will be available next month. Dropbox explains it thusly: “SSO works behind the scenes to let users sign in just once to a central identity provider, like Active Directory, and securely access all their business apps, like Dropbox. With SSO, companies can put their existing trusted identity provider in charge of the authentication process.”


In other words, Dropbox can integrate into your existing IT infrastructure so admins can manage security and authentication and fall under an organization’s existing password policies. It also removes the need for one more password, as signing on to a company network will also sign the user in to Dropbox.

Just how widespread will the new Dropbox for Business features be used? The company says that 95% of all Fortune 500 companies and 2 million other businesses use Dropbox, managing more than 600 million files every week.