Dropbox Acquires Zulip Messaging Service In Move For Stronger Workplace Foothold

Dropbox is a hugely popular cloud storage and sharing service with individuals, but the company has its eye on the enterprise market, for sure. That couldn’t be clearer with the company’s acquisition of Zulip, a messaging service that’s not yet even out of private beta.

Zulip’s integration into Dropbox wasn’t supposed to be public for a few more weeks, but TechCrunch acquired a letter from Zulip to its users that let the news slip early.

Zulip Messaging
Credit: TechCrunch

Zulip is designed to focus more on conversations on various topics rather than simple one-to-one chats, and it uses threaded replies and subsections, too. For instance, as you can see in the screenshot, a topic might be “sales” or “social”, and Zulip displays the number of messages in that stream. It organizes those conversations in larger stream so you can reply to various conversations as needed without generating lengthy email chains.

Zulip messaging
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This makes it easy to have conversations and collaborate on documents with multiple coworkers, although users can also send private messages. It makes plenty of sense for Dropbox to integrate it cloud-based file sharing capabilities with a tool like Zulip; that’s a powerful way for groups of employees within a business to get things done efficiently, and it could give Dropbox more of a presence in the enterprise.