Drift Innovation Reveals Wearable 1080p, Waterproof Action Camera

Cameras are easy to get these days, from point-and-shoot options to DSLRs. But what about cameras you can strip onto your dome? Drift Innovation has just debuted the Drift HD Ghost, which is described as the first-ever action camera with a two-way LED remote and continuous loop video. It's a wearable camera that ships with a handy remote, built-in Wi-Fi and an integrated 2" LCD (Gorilla Glass, no less) for instant playback and recording. Action sports enthusiasts can save a recorded event up to five minutes after it happens while in Video Tag/Loop mode, which records footage in a continuous loop style. The video clip is stored in the camera's memory, and will save the clip only if the user chooses to "tag" it. The screen allows quick, real-time viewing of camera angles before you even press record. It also supports instant video playback of recorded footage, making it easier than ever to edit, delete and re- live your favorite actions whenever, and where ever, you want.

The Drift HD Ghost comes Wi-Fi-enabled to communicate instantly with smartphones. Combined with the Drift Mobile App (coming soon for both IOS and Android) you can preview and line up a shot remotely from your phone, change camera settings, shot recording, photo capture and playback, directly through your mobile device. You can even download content from the camera to your smartphone instantly and share content wirelessly across your favorite social media platforms. The Drift HD Ghost has the longest standard battery life on the market, providing 3 hours of recording time per charge, courtesy of the included 1700 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Drift HD Ghost features an improved design allowing the camera to be nine feet (3m) waterproof out of the box, and it'll ship soon for $399.
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