Drako GTE Is A Ferocious Quad-Motor EV With A Staggering 1200HP And 206MPH Top Speed

drako gte 3
Tesla arguably kicked off the electric vehicle revolution with the original Roadster, and really kicked things into high gear with the release of the Model S. The success of the Model S, and later the Model X has encouraged other automakers both large and small to dabble in the EV realm. The latest boutique manufacturer to flex its muscle is Drako Motors, which has unveiled the GTE.

Let's get the important stuff out of the way first. The GTE has a total of four permanent magnet electric motors -- one for each wheel -- that each have their own direct-drive gearbox. That translates into a staggering 1,200 horsepower and a mind-blowing 6,500 lb-ft of torque.

drako gte 2

While Drako hasn't commented yet on acceleration figures, we'd imagine that 0-60 times should come in at well below 3 seconds given the power on-hand and AWD traction. Drako, however, does state that the top speed of the GTE is an impressive 206 mph. While undeniably fast, Tesla quotes a 250+ mph top-end for its second-generation Roadster and says that 0-60 will take just 1.9 seconds.

Those four motors are fed by a 90-kWh battery pack (the Model S tops out with a 100-kWh battery pack, while the new Roadster has a 200 kWh battery). The battery supports 150 kW DC Fast Charging and is compatible with J1772, CCS, and Chademo charger standards. Drako isn’t giving any estimates on range, but with that much power on tap we’d imagine you won’t be seeing a 300+ mile range as found on high-end versions of the Model S, or the 620-mile range of the upcoming Roadster.

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The impressive EV hardware is wrapped with a sexy body that reminds us a little of the old Fisker Karma, and it has room for four inside. That Karma resemblance is no accident; the GTE is based on that same chassis. There's a large grille up front flanked by lower air ducts to cool the front brakes. The rear-end is rather aggressive-looking and features a massive diffuser. 

If you were hoping to score a GTE, chances are that you won't be able to get one as only 25 are being made. On top of that, the base price tag for the vehicle is listed at a whopping $1.25 million. Drako is currently taking deposits on the 25-car production run and says that the first deliveries will commence in 2020.

If you can’t swing $1.25 million, the Tesla Roadster can be yours for a “bargain” $250,000.