Dr. Martens USB Boot Drive: A Boot In More Ways Than One

Boot drives. Pretty simple to understand, right? It's a hard drive or solid state drive (usually), internal or external, used to boot up into a given operating system. Well, that used to be the definition. Now, mentioning "boot drive" takes on an entirely new meaning. Dr. Martens, which is a boot company that has been around for years and years, just celebrated their 50th. In order to really revel in their achievement, they could have just produced a new shoe. But instead, they did something different. Very different.

They produced a USB drive, and as you might guess, it's a "boot drive" in more ways than one. Not only can this USB flash drive act as a boot drive for your computer, but it's also shaped like a boot. Cute, right? It's a limited edition drive with 2GB of storage space, and it measures 2" tall. It's $25, which isn't bad given the form factor. And if you're a big fan of the company's shoes, well, this one's a shoe-in. Sorry, we had to.