Download2Go Digital Music Stations Make Music Renting Easy

Judging by the success of iTunes, which has leaped past Walmart as being the largest seller of music in the United States now, it's pretty clear that the future of music buying is online, or at least not the traditional CD. But now companies are emerging to challenge iTunes and other online sales outlets, like MOD Systems. This company has had movie rental kiosks in airports and Blockbuster B&M locations for over a year, and their latest project involves similar kiosks, but for music (and for music, it's sales, not rentals).

The roll-out is starting in New Jersey and New York, with the Download2Go digital music stations enabling customers to purchase songs and albums DRM-free onto a variety of devices, from a PC to a Mac to an SD card. These kiosks will start at 10 Quick Chek stores, but if successful, who knows -- they may make it further. There's a video below detailing the process on a movie rental kiosk, and while it looks like it takes a little while to complete, it's a rather smooth process.

MOD Systems Introduces Digital Music Kiosks at Quick Chek Stores
Download2Go Kiosks Enable Direct Loading of DRM-free MP3 Music to MP3 Players and Flash Storage Drives, Bringing Digital Music to Retail Environments

12.07.2010– Music fans now have new and convenient ways to purchase DRM-free MP3s as MOD Systems introduces its Download2Go digital music kiosks in Quick Chek stores. Quick Chek features the music kiosks in 10 locations across its New York and New Jersey convenience stores. Download2Go kiosks bring digital entertainment into retail environments, allowing consumers to build their digital music collections by downloading songs or albums to MP3 players, SD cards, or flash storage drives.

The Download2Go digital music kiosks allow consumers to choose from a wide variety of MP3 music tracks, easily purchase individual songs or entire albums, and play anywhere—on MP3 players, cell phones, or PCs and Macs. MOD Systems deployed the first Download2Go digital movie kiosks this summer in 30 InMotion Entertainment stores in airports throughout the U.S. The kiosks are designed for retail environments and other out of home locations—such as airports, convenience stores and shopping malls—and give retailers the latest entertainment titles for sale, promotions and loyalty programs, and a differentiated value add for their customers.

“Retailers are looking for opportunities to capture customer interest in digital entertainment or take back sales that have shifted from their stores to online,” said Anthony Bay, CEO of MOD Systems. “Consumers can now build their digital music collections outside the home without requiring connectivity, while retailers can sell the latest entertainment content in a way that drives impulse purchases and repeat customer visits.”

Quick Chek, a leading New York metro food service retailer, enters the entertainment products category with Download2Go kiosks. Through the relationship, Quick Chek brings an innovative new product to its stores and a new way to engage its customers.

“Quick Chek is focused on total customer dedication, which is exemplified by our second to none customer service, in store bakeries, great sub and soup offers, award winning coffee, and no fee ATMs,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Schaninger. “The new Download2Go music solution with MOD Systems is another example of Quick Chek partnering with innovative companies to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are excited to bring digital music products to our customers that differentiate our brand, attract new customers, and integrate well into our sales and marketing campaigns.”

In addition to music, MOD Systems provides Download2Go digital movie kiosks with thousands of films from major Hollywood and independent studios. With movie rentals, and movie and episodic television sales, customers can browse for and download the latest new releases, box office hits, and catalog classics to Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, with content playable on Windows PCs and a growing number of portable and home devices. The Download2Go kiosks can include music, television shows, and movies for a complete digital entertainment download solution for retailers.