doubteTwist goes wireless (syncing)

doubleTwist has unveiled an updated Android app and desktop client. The announcement came shortly after Winamp's announcement that its own Android app has exited beta, and doubleTwist added a feature that Winamp just added as well: wireless sync.

doubleTwist is a company founded by Monique Farantzos and Jon Lech Johansen (or DVD Jon). DVD Jon famously cracked the AACS DVD encryption system, as well as Apple's iTunes FairPlay DRM.

doubleTwist desktop app makes no bones about wanting to be the "iTunes for Android." The desktop app has access to the Android App Store as well as Amazon MP3, and a directory of Podcasts. The wireless sync feature treads close to Apple's naming convention for "AirPlay;" it is called "AirSync" and will allow wireless syncing of videos, music, and photos.

However, doubleTwist until now has been free in the Android Market. That version is still free, but the new version, called doubleTwist AirSync in the Android Market, will cost you $0.99 if you are among the first 10,000 buyers, and $4.99 after that. One caveat: you must have the free version installed as well to use AirSync.

After the initial setup of both desktop and Android client, everything should work seamlessly. Assuming your PC is on, whenever the Android app is connected to your wireless LAN, the desktop version of doubleTwist will detect any new content on your phone and sync it (and vice versa).

When asked about Winamp's announcement of wireless syncing in their new client, doubleTwist gave the following acerbic comment:
In general, we do not consider Winamp a competitor as they are geared towards a specific subcategory of users who don’t mind endless menus, preferences and options. We are more focused on the mass market, average user who just wants to make the most out of their device without being overwhelmed by technology.