"Double Digit" Cuts Of Palm Employees Post-HP Acquisition

It may be a done deal, but some former Palm employees aren't singing a positive tune after the HP acquisition. In many cases where one company takes over another (or just buys another to integrate), at least a few positions are eliminated. There's usually never a need for two CEOs, and some of the duplication simply can't be dealt with unless some folks are cut. It's an unfortunate truth, and considering just how huge both Palm and HP are, you had to expect that something like this would happen.

All Things D is reporting that some Palm employees were cut after the HP deal was officially concluded, but they still aren't sure of exactly how many were sent packing. According to sources, there have been "double digit" cuts; not in the hundreds, but still an event that's not positive for those who were working so hard to revive Palm and help it to stand alone. A company spokesperson had this to say: "Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate. There always is turnover in organizations. Palm employees overall are enthusiastic about having the financial stability and global scale necessary to complete their vision."

We still can't know for sure just what the new Palm would look like. It's now listed as a subsidiary of HP, but none of the new management has come forward with very clear details about Palm's role at HP. One can only hope that fracturing a once tight-knit workforce won't lead to product delays and the like, but we suppose only time will tell.
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