Donya's HDMI Cables Light Up Your Home Theater

We're not able to speak for everyone, obviously, but we certainly don't go out of our way to make sure our HDMI cables are visible to house guests. In fact, we go to rather extreme lengths to make sure the cabling in our home theater systems is concealed. Rather than trying to hide something as natural as an HDMI cable in a high definition entertainment system, accessory maker Donya is giving you a reason (and a way) to flaunt the connectors that generally look so unsightly.

Due to Donya being a Japanese company with no English language website, much of the details are lost in translation. But really, there's not much to "get" here; it's an HDMI cable, and it lights up like a Christmas tree whenever plugged in and sending along digital signals. Who says cables have to be hidden, anyway? If you're interested in picking up a few for your own AV center, you can expect to pay right around $10 (in Yen, naturally) plus a good deal more in shipping.

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