Don't Get Too Attached to DVI and VGA, They're Being Phased Out

Your PC (and maybe you) likely has a connection with DVI or VGA, a pair of interfaces that have seemingly been around since cavemen first discovered the computer. It hasn't actually been that long, however both are about to enter legacy status as a number of computer vendors and display makers start shunning DVI and VGA over the the next few years, according to In-Stat.

The future belongs to HDMI and DisplayPort, and some of you are already there, especially if you're rocking a home theater PC. Why the shift?

"DVI has no roadmap to upgrade the specification; it is essentially the same as it was upon its launch in 1999," says Brian O’Rourke, Research Director. "HDMI and DisplayPort, on the other hand, have made significant strides in a number of markets. HDMI-enabled device shipments will increase at a 17 percent annual rate through 2015 and DisplayPort-enabled device shipments will reach 1 billion."

According to In-Stat, DisplayPort and HDMI will run the show in 2015, while DVI and VGA will be left sitting on the sidelines.

In-Stat predicts DisplayPort will have a whopping 95 percent attach rate in notebook PCs in 2015, which isn't as surprising as HDMI having a 94 percent attach rate in Blu-ray players in 2013. DisplayPort will also infiltrate tablet PCs, with In-Stat predicting over 118 million external DisplayPort-enabled tablets shipping in 2015.

Will you miss DVI and VGA, or have you already moved on?
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