Don't Flip Out, Your Google Reader Feeds are Safe on Flipboard

For users of the now defunct Google Reader service, Flipboard was supposed to serve as a saving grace of sorts by offering back in March to swoop in and automatically migrate their feeds. All a user had to do was create a Flipboard account and then sign into their Google Reader account via Flipboard prior to its closing. Follow those simple steps and you'd be golden, or so users were told.

A bit of panic set in when Flipboard users began to complain that their Google feeds and folders weren't showing up as promised.

"Ok @Flipboard, where are my Google Reader feeds? I am not happy," a user posted to Twitter.


Similar complaints flowed through Twitter like a river after a rainfall, but no need to panic, Google Reader feeds and folders are safe and sound, Flipboard promises.

"The summary feed is not working yet for users, but it will work soon. In addition, some feeds may be missing content, but this is also temporary," Flipboard stated in a blog post. "Our system just needs some time for all the content and feeds to populate. Our team is working on it, and the content will be available soon."

The last update came 22 hours ago, so apparently Flipboard's system is still processing all the feeds. In the meantime, you can follow Flipboard on Twitter for further updates.