Dolby And Philips Team Up For a Glasses-Free 3D Experience

Glasses-free 3D? For many, it's a pipe dream. The newest 3D revolution, which roughly began around the time that CES 2010 started, has faded somewhat. Yes, it's still booming in cinemas, but having to wear glasses just doesn't seem that appealing in the home. That said, the concept of seeing 3D without any facial intrusions is a bright one, and both Dolby and Philips think that it may be sooner rather than later before that concept comes to life. The two companies have unveiled Dolby 3D, a 3D HD format and suite of technologies designed to deliver full HD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices, including glasses-free displays. It's being unveiled and shown at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Both companies have spent plenty of time in display technologies, but only time will tell if this partnership leads to anything new on the commercial side. To quote the release: "The Dolby 3D experience will seamlessly integrate into the use cases and viewing patterns of consumers on-the-go and in-the-home, making the use of 3D devices an enjoyable daily experience. Content owners and broadcast operators have the unique opportunity to differentiate their offerings by encoding 3D titles in Dolby 3D for maximum fidelity on Dolby 3D enabled devices while maintaining compatibility with existing 3D products. The system will enable a 3D HD format, including tools for 3D content creation and real-time 3D content conversion."

Sounds good, now let's see it in action. Without glasses, of course.
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