Dog's Separation Anxiety and iCam App Snare Burglar

A woman may have her dog to thank for catching a burglar. It's not, however, because the dog himself caught the burglar, but instead because the iCam application she used on her iPhone to monitor her dog clued her into a burglary.

The iCam app runs on both Android and iPhone. Claire, who did not want her last name released, downloaded the app so she could peek in on her dog while she was away. She said,
"It's creepy. I've never had a house broken in to. He went through my drawers, my jewelry. He even touched my clothes and pillow."
Claire used iCam and activated her computer's webcam, possibly to check in to see if her dog was destroying things in a separation anxiety-ridden event, only to see a man riffling her through her belongings. He got away with $500 worth of items.  The question of why the dog wasn't taking action has not been answered.

Once a Denver, CO television station aired the video, a viewer recognized the burglar and notified police. Authorities arrested Peter Jones, 47, on burglary charges, Denver Police Det. John White said.
"We developed information that led to the suspect based on the video that captured the burglar in action."
Jones told police that he didn't take anything, although he admitted walking around in Claire's house. She told authorities:
"Well that's interesting, because I have the feed of him stealing my iPad."
Watch a report with some of the video feed below.