Does the WaitingRoom Facebook App Encourage Break-Ups?

Some people stay in relationships simply because they are afraid that their prospects aren't good. They don't have the confidence to leave. For them, there's a new Facebook app, which launched last Friday.  It's called WaitingRoom.

Some criticized the Facebook app Breakup Notifier, which would let a user know via email if someone they were interested in changed their relationship status. That app was banned last week, just prior to the launch of WaitingRoom.

Instead of letting you know when someone changed their relationship status, WaitingRoom encourages them to change their relationship status. In other words, it gives them a push toward breaking up with their current significant other. Or at least, it sort of does that.

Let's say you are interested in a certain attached Facebook friend. When you use WaitingRoom, that friend gets an email that states there is someone in their "WaitingRoom" who is interested in them. It's unnecessary for the person being pursued to have the app installed.

Once the person becomes available, the identity of their admirer is revealed. Nicely, the site waits 48 hours, just in case there's a little remorse and the person reunites with their past love (how often have we seen that happen ... more often than a pursuer would like).

It also means, though, that you can't change your status without having to wait, and thus having your S.O. notice (assuming they pay attention to these sorts of things). That, in and of itself, could lea dto a break-up.

Of course, the pursued is sort of playing a game of Russian Roulette. They don't know if the person pursuing them is Brad Pitt, or Alfred E. Neuman.
For the pursuers, here's what WaitingRoom says:
No one will know if you've downloaded the app, we never publish anything to your Facebook feed. We won't share anything about you -- that is, until the person you're waiting on becomes single.
For the pursued, it says:
If you're already in a relationship, WaitingRoom will give you the confidence to become single again -- if that's what you really want.