Disney Plans A New Star Wars Movie Every Year, Starting in 2015

Disney may be putting the infamous axe to LucasArts video games, but that doesn't mean the company doesn't have big plans for another segment of the mythical universe. A new report suggests that Disney is going to produce a new Star Wars movie each year starting in 2015... until the world tires of them, and thus, this plan fails to make money. It's the very definition of "milking a franchise for all that it's worth," and there will certainly be those who oppose and those who support such a plan.

At least for now, these new films will largely be spin-offs -- alternatives to the "core" movies that have come before. But one has to wonder how many ways you can spin Star Wars before fans become exhausted with it all. After all, having to fork out for a new film each year when you know the folks behind it are just doing it for revenue is apt to cause burn-out far faster than it would otherwise.

Of course, we've seen Hulk revisited quite frequently as well as Spider-Man, but Star Wars has been held to a higher standard. We certainly hope this new plan doesn't cheaper the entire franchise.