Dismal UT2007 Performance?

Bit-Tech has posted an article which outlines their brief experience with Unreal Tournament 2007 behind closed doors at E3. Despite the enormous amount of hype which has been building up since we first saw glimpses of what Unreal Engine 3 could do with games such as Gears of War, the guys at Bit-Tech seem more than a bit disappointed by UT2007. Despite running on a powerful system with two flagship graphics cards, the framerate was unacceptable and anti-aliasing was sorely in need. Fortunately, aside from performance and image quality issues the game seemed very polished and the gameplay should please even the most discerning gamer. Hopefully, the developers can get these issues resolved and we can have the new title sooner than later.

Our first thoughts were that the graphics looked disappointing. It's clear that the new engine has some real potential - we only have to look at the jaw-dropping Gears of War for that - but on the PC, in this build at least, things weren't so hot. Despite running on a top-end machine with dual graphics, the frame rate was ropey and there was clearly no room for anti-aliasing to banish the jaggies that plagued the picture. The whole thing looked like it was lacking in the performance needed to up the image quality - clearly, Epic needs to do some work on this before release, otherwise, expect to have 7900 GTX SLI as the minimum specs.


Tags:  performance, rf, RMA