Dish Network Looks To Build Its Own LTE Network

The 4G party is raging, and everybody wants to come, invited or not. Satellite TV provider Dish Network is the latest player to crash the party by asking for an FCC permit to build its own LTE network.

The company is sitting on some spectrum licensing after its acquisition of bankrupt satellite phone service provider TerreStar Networks earlier this summer and wants to be able to use it in its quest to create a 4G LTE network.

A mobile broadband network would of course allow Dish to offer all manner of services, including high-speed Internet to mobile devices, VoIP, streaming video, and more. Specifically, the proposed network could do a lot for the company’s online video portal,

Competition is always a good thing, so we wish Dish the best of luck as they compete with the existing industry juggernauts in the 4G space. They’ll need it.

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