DirectX 10 On XP?

Who says DirectX 10 isn't for Windows XP?  Apparently not Cody Brocious of San Diego, who has been hard at work on getting DX 10 to run on XP, Linux, and OS X.  Mr. Brocious blogged the following just recently:
"As a fitting start to this blog, I'm proud to release a preview of our DirectX 10 compatibility libraries. These libraries allow the use of DirectX 10 games on platforms other than Microsoft Vista, and increase hardware compatibility even on Vista, by compiling Geometry Shaders down to native machine code for execution where hardware isn't capable of running it. No longer will you have to upgrade your OS and video card(s) to play the latest games.

The current preview allows you to run a number of examples from the DirectX SDK on Windows XP. They're not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but we want to whet your appetite. We hope to release builds in the coming months progressing from demos to fully functional games. We also plan to post on this blog from time to time with screenshots and videos of what's to come."
Being that DirectX 10 can be a compelling selling point for gamers (and others) to want to switch to Windows Vista, it doesn't seem very likely that MS would appreciate anyone enabling another OS to use this technology.

Anyone want to guess how long it will be until a cease and desist gets served on Falling Leaf Systems, or do you think MS should just release DX 10 for XP on their own?  As always, feel free to add your own comments.
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