DirecTV Shows Off iPad App, But Doesn't Tout Streaming

These days, pay-TV providers are doing just about anything to get people to keep their cable subscriptions. And that usually includes building an iPhone and/or iPad app to make interacting with their services that much easier. Comcast has an app, Verizon has a FiOS TV app and DISH Network has an app. So what DirecTV? They're on the ball, and they're obviously preparing an iPad app of their own. It's an iPad remote app, and while there isn't any streaming (yet), it's one of the more customizable options available.

We say "yet" because we doubt very seriously that it won't support streaming forever. It's pretty clear that streaming media is the next big thing, and being able to stream DVR'd content to your iPad is obviously a killer reason to keep one's pay-TV subscription. DirecTV isn't saying when the app will be available, only stating that it's "coming soon." Once it arrives, you'll be able to create lists of your favorite channels / teams, browse shows, movies and sports, and control your TV. With that "control" aspect, it seems like the days of the universal remote could be numbered. Why buy a $300 remote when you can buy a tablet that'll do the same thing, not to mention read books and travel with you on the airplane.

Back on topic, the app will allow users to have their DVR start recording something with a simple tap, and if you're into sports, you'll be able to browse games and get scores instantly across all sports. Assuming it'll be free, we're sure it'll please DirecTV users, but to really draw in new customers, adding streaming is probably a must.
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