DirecTV May Drop Fox Programming Over Dispute

If you’re a DirecTV customer, you may have suddenly noticed little messages from DirecTV about Fox while scrolling through the Guide. Apparently, the two are fighting over retransmission fees, with DirecTV threatening to drop Fox programs as early as November 1.

The back-and-forth has gotten a little ugly; both Fox and DirecTV have set up websites outlining their respective positions on the issue.

DirecTV has, where it asks if we would like to pay 40% more for the Fox channels we already get, because that’s what DirecTV says Fox wants to force us to do. Fox set up, where it states that “DirecTV will drop your favorite shows and games on November 1”. The channels in question include FX, FOX Regional Sports Networks, SPEED, National Geographic Channel, FOX Soccer, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, FUEL TV and FOX Movie Channel.

On the “Our Promise” site, DirecTV CEO Mike White posted a statement that reads in part:

“DirecTV’s agreement with with News Corporation/Fox for some of their national cable networks and regional Fox Sports networks is expiring. News Corp has demanded that DirecTV customers pay nearly 40% more for the same channels they already receive. If the new deal is not reached, we will be forced to suspend the channels as early as Nov. 1.”

Fox’s statement on the matter, in full:

“Despite Fox Networks’ offer of an extension during our ongoing negotiations, DirecTV has informed us and their customers that unless we agree to their demands, they ‘will suspend our networks on November 1.’

DirecTV sent us a proposal on Tuesday afternoon. They have given us no chance to respond before taking an unnecessarily aggressive posture and going public. It is disappointing that they have chosen bad faith tactics over meaningful negotiation.

We have proposed to keep the Fox Networks on DirecTV for the same price, and on the same terms as they are currently carried while we attempt to work out a fair agreement. Unfortunately, DirecTV has decided that unless they get their way, they are going to pull the plug on their customers November 1.”

It’s hard to say how long this dispute will last, but DirecTV is proud to say that it usually handles these things in under a month. One thing we know for sure, though: If this dispute causes us to miss Sunday football in November, we will be deeply displeased.
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