DirecTiVo HD DVR Boxes Now Rolling Out Nationwide

TiVo. What a brand. Everyone with a DVR has probably slipped up and called their generic DVR a "TiVo" at some point, and now the company's hoping to replace some of those black boxes with genuine TiVo boxes courtesy of a deal with DirecTV. The company announced this week the nationwide availability of the TiVo HD DVR from DirecTV, better known as DirecTiVo. "DIRECTV customers nationwide can now experience the TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV, which combines TiVo's award-winning user interface with DIRECTV's great lineup of HD programming," said David Sandford, Vice President, General Manager of TiVo's service provider business. "With the introduction of this product, DIRECTV customers can again experience TiVo's gold-standard interface, easy-to-use peanut remote and Swivel Search feature, which allow users to effortlessly find their favorite shows in HD across television and on DIRECTV CINEMA."

DirecTV users can now enjoy the spoils of TiVo's newest HD DVR platform, including Season Pass recordings, WishList searches, TiVo Suggestions and recording space for up to 100 hours of HD programming. It'll record two shows at once, and access over 7,000 on-demand movies at no extra charge. This nationwide announcement follows TiVo and DIRECTV's initial ten-market deployment this past December. Customers can learn more about the TiVo HD DVR from DIRECTV or order now by visiting
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