DinnerTime Parental Control App Let’s Parents Prioritize Family Time Over Screen Time

If you're the parent of a teenager, you've probably seen your son or daughter make all kinds of goofy faces at their smartphone. That's probably because they're using Snapchat or any number of photo, video, and messaging applications available. It's a new generation, and like it or not, mobile phones have become a big part of daily life. There are downsides to that, of course -- it can impede on family time and disrupt proper homework habits, to name just two. This is where a new app called DinnerTime (Parental Control) comes into play.

DinnterTime (Parental Control) is available for both iOS and Android devices. Like its name implies, it offers up parental controls for parental units to put various time restrictions in place.


"The DinnerTime app gives parents the ability to easily lock and unlock their child’s Android tablet or smartphone, without intrusive controls, no matter where they are. Attention that normally would be on an electronic device is now refocused to the family encouraging more quality time," developer ZeroDesktop explains.

There are four main parts to DinnerTime. The first is the ability to pause any activity for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours. Secondly, there's a Take a Break feature that pauses any activity for any set amount of time up to 24 hours. Third, there's a Bed Time feature where you can enter a start and end time to pause activities while still allowing your son or daughter to use their device as an alarm clock. And finally, you can share DinnerTime control with another parent by linking their phone number -- a handy feature if you've hired a babysitter or for when Billy is spending the night at a friend's house.

The app isn't meant to replace traditional parenting, but act as a supplement to help remind kids there's a world out there beyond their mobile display. It's available now for free in iTunes and Google Play.