Dijit Acquires GoMiso, Looks To Extend Second Screen Experience

The way things are going, it looks as if the second-screen experience is only going become more universal, not less. And companies involved in that space stand to gain a lot of attention in the coming months and years. Dijit Media isn't a company that too many outside of the tech sphere have heard of, but that could change soon. The company has created NextGuide and Dijit Remote, a TV discovery and control platform. And now, the company has announced plans to acquire GoMiso -- makers of the Miso, SideShows, and Quips social TV products. Dijit will continue to support Miso and Sideshow users, but intends to shut down the Quips app and service. Somrat Niyogi, founder of GoMiso, Inc, will join Dijit as an advisor.

"Miso was the first to define the burgeoning social TV space and became a major contributor to where the industry is today, and we're excited to be able to continue their vision," said Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Dijit Media, Inc. "We've built the most powerful TV guide and discovery platform for consumers and the TV industry alike, and this acquisition will give us more tools to give our users a guide experience that redefines how people discover content."

Dijit Media's flagship app is NextGuide, a "hyper-personalized" TV guide that brings together live TV with results from Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and Netflix. The app combines Dijit's recommendations and discovery technology with social features and a unique mosaic-style interface for a modernized re-interpretation of the classic guide. There's no word on whether any major TV makers are going to integrate this stuff into their next-gen sets, but surely it's more feasible now than ever before.
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