Digg Returns Under Plucky New Management

Earlier this month when Betaworks (the buyer of fading social news site Digg) said it would turn Digg back into a startup, apparently that wasn’t lip service. In a News.me blog post (which is also owned by Betaworks), team members Jake Levine, Michael Young, and Justin Van Slembrouck announced that a team of ten was tackling the project of combining News.me and Digg into a new and better social news site--called “Digg”.

What’s more, they’re planning to crank this overhaul out in just six weeks total, with a projected completion date of v.1 by August 1st.


They posted a short survey looking for user feedback about how people think of Digg and how they get their news, and judging from the tenor of the blog post, enthusiasm abounds in the News.me offices.

It’s a little odd that a company such as News.me that functions with a small crew in a startup-like atmosphere would be given an asset like Digg, but who knows, maybe this is the right, ideal for revitalizing Digg with a slightly new approach, a bounty of knowledge pertaining to social news, and experience building mobile apps.