Didn't They Use To Do This And Call It A Radio?

TiVo, makers of that marvelous television set-top digital video recorder, have inked a deal with Rhapsody to offer streaming digital music through your TV. TiVo has made similar deals to offer services to their subscribers with Amazon.com for movie downloads, and Yahoo for photo sharing.

Rhapsody is considered one of the leading providers - along with Napster Inc. -of subscription music, where users can listen to as much as they want as long as they continue to pay the monthly fee. It's not as popular as a la carte download services such as Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store. Rhapsody also offers songs for 99 cents per download, but not throughTiVo.

TiVo says it will roll out the Rhapsody feature in stages with priority for current customers who sign up. They can try Rhapsody for 30 days free.

At $12.99 per month, the service is not cheap. That will more than double the lowest TiVo subscription price. But I suppose if you don't want to listen to a broadcasting school dropout tell you every five minutes that their radio station is commercial-free for twenty minutes an hour on regular radio, it'll be worth it.

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