Did You Clean Your Facebook House on National Unfriend Day?

Yesterday, Nov. 17 was National Unfriend Day (NUD). The brainchild of Jimmy Kimmel, the day is supposed to a day when you unfriend the faux friends you have on Facebook (or any other social networking site).

Kimmel gave us some guidelines to use to determine who to unfriend on National Unfriend Day. They were:
  • If you wouldn’t loan someone 50 dollars, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t invite them to your birthday party, unfriend them.
  • If you wouldn’t cry if they got hit by a bus, unfriend them.

How many faux friends have you unfriended today? Or instead, would you rather have more faux friends?

Watch a pair of videos from Jimmy Kimmel's show on NUD, including both Dr. Mehmet Oz, on how it will make you healthier, and William Shatner.