Dice Holdings Acquires Slashdot and SourceForge and Freecode for $20M

Sometimes, it’s great to be a geek. Dice Holdings announced today that it has bought Geeknet’s Slashdot, SourceForge, and Freecode for a cool $20 million. The job site owner picked up Geeknet’s digital media properties so in can expand its reach in the tech sector. The $20 million purchase price mirrors revenues of the three properties Dice Holdings is snapping up.

Chances are pretty good that you’re familiar with Slashdot, the well-known news and online community for the tech-minded. According to Geeknet, it generates more than 5,300 comments per day and boasts Internet traffic of 3.7 million visitors per month. SourceForge is a popular destination for techies who want to download or publish open source software. Freecode is an index for Linux, Unix, mobile apps, and other software.

Slashdot Acquired By Dice

As you might expect, the news about Slashdot’s purchase soon became a topic of discussion on Slashdot, with readers imploring Dice Holdings to keep the spirit of Slashdot alive. And Geeknet, now free of Slashdot and the other properties, has indicated that it will focus on ThinkGeek, which is its online retailer for clever geek gear.