Hot News! -- Diamond Multimedia’s XDNA

Look for the mark of excellence with Diamond Multimedia’s xDNA™

CHATSWORTH, CA —November 11, 2007— Diamond Multimedia (, a leading manufacturer of PC graphics cards, sound cards and communications products, today unveiled their newly developed xDNA©™ technology platform. This new technology platform enables heterogeneous graphics cards to function and operate on heterogeneous platforms. With advanced performance and unprecedented software architecture, the newly released Diamond xDNA software platform is the ideal solution on graphics cards for the most demanding enthusiasts who want to use different chipsets and CPUs. 

Diamond xDNA technology-enabled features allow for multi platform, cross compatibility, CPU & chipset agnostic support for any motherboard. xDNA allows Diamond Radeon graphics cards to run CrossFire™ on Nvidia, Intel, or AMD chipsets. 

The Diamond xDNA technology delivers immersive gameplay for Windows Vista™, OpenGL and DirectX® 10, while allowing for easy XFusion & multi-GPU upgradeability. The bottom line is that it enables users to run the hottest titles of today and tomorrow. Delivering a fully loaded HD feature-set, including support for ATI Avivo™ HD, HDMI connect ability, HD Audio and Blu-ray™ / HD DVD decoding, Diamond’s xDNA eclipses the demands of the performance hungry HD gaming desktop by providing fully optimized drivers and middleware. 

xDNA TruHD™…The evolution of sight and sound of 1080p

With Diamond TruHD technologies, you can be sure that the HD audio experience will be just as the movie director, game creator, TV producer, or musician originally intended. The most stunning animation and graphics will fall short if they aren’t combined with the realism and immediacy of surround sound.

TruHD’s HD Game™ feature plays in widescreen.

Diamond HD Game technology allows users to push the gaming visual experience to an all new high. Go beyond standard definition (SD) and experience High Definition (HD), the ultimate widescreen, ultra-high-resolution PC experience made possible by Diamond® Radeon® graphics processing units (GPUs). HD has over 7x the picture clarity of native 1080p HD televisions and 2x the picture clarity of 1080i HD televisions on today’s hottest PC games.

TruHD’s Live³™ takes digital sound beyond 2.1

Live³™ is Diamond’s next-generation lossless technology developed for high-definition disc-based media. When coupled with high-definition video, Live³ offers an unprecedented home theater experience that lets you enjoy sound as stunning as the highdefinition picture. The real-time interactive capabilities of Diamond’s xDNA Live³ technology are ideally suited to PCs and video games because it reproduces audio cues and effects that follow the on-screen action, transforming gameplay into an exciting and realistic entertainment experience. Gamers hear every window shatter, feel every explosion, and experience every wipeout.

Diamond Dynamic Scalability (DDS) takes performance to new extremes through its middleware software by dynamically processing load balancing and resource allocation to ensure the highest level of efficiency. 


Diamond Multimedia’s xDNA software is only available on select Diamond Radeon Graphics boards and will be fully optimized with Diamond’s soon-to-be-released, next generation Radeon graphics boards next month. Not only will the next generation be worth waiting for, but it will come wrapped in a beautiful, new package.

About Diamond Multimedia

For the past two decades, Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the graphics, sound and communications industries and as a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Through the process of specialization, multimedia companies have become nearly extinct, each concentrating on a few aspects but never again addressing a complete experience. In that time evolution and natural selection has transformed Diamond into a new type of multimedia company, a company that brings all of the differing technologies together under one brand. Diamond Multimedia is partnered with some of the top technology companies including AMD as the ATI graphics provider.

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