Diamond Multimedia Outs TAB360 Rotating Tablet Stand

There are mountains of mobile accessories out there, and there are at least as many terrible ones as there are good ones, so it’s easy to ignore a new product of that ilk when it comes across the wire. The Diamond Media TAB360, a pivoting multimedia stand for tablets designed in part to enhance the gaming experience, kind of grabs your attention, though.

The device comes in white or black (with another black edition equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers) and can accommodate tablets from 7 to 10.1 inches in size. It features a 360-degree rotating wheel that’s designed to make racing or flying games more enjoyable, and it’s also useful as a fifth hand, whether you’re working from a recipe for the evening meal or need to prop up your tablet while at the office.


The standard black and white versions cost $59.99, while the Bluetooth speaker edition will run you $79.99. The stands are available at a number of online retailers and come with a 1-year limited warranty.