Blizzard's Original Diablo Game Available To Purchase Now On GoG

Gamers who played a lot of the original Diablo game back in the day, we know what you will be doing this weekend. Blizzard has announced that it has re-launched the original Diablo I game in its entirety and that the game can be purchased and downloaded right now on GOG. The game sells for $9.99, making it quite affordable. It is almost exactly as it was launched in 1996, with some extra thrown in along with the original game.

diblo 1 play

The extra is a second version of the game with Windows 10 compatibility and bug fixes. That original version of the game even has matchmaking via a classic version of The return of Diablo I will be bigger news for most Blizzard fans than the announcement of the mobile game no one wanted- Diablo Immortal. That game that created massive fan backlash for Blizzard when it was announced for Android and iOS at BlizzCon in part because gamers were hoping for info on Diablo IV.

The backlash was so intense that Activision Blizzard stock took a dive as a result. Some investors felt that Activision Blizzard was out of touch with what its fanbase wanted. Blizzard maintained during the fan outrage that it had multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and that Diablo IV was still in the works. Blizzard also noted that it would announce more details on other Diablo projects "when the time was right."

Other tidbits about the re-released Diablo I game offered on GOG include that it has "period-appropriate" 20 FPS SVGA graphics. The version of the game supporting Windows 10 includes support for higher resolutions. This is essentially a slightly remastered version along with the original for the same money. The games are DRM free, and you don't need an internet connection to play; the game can be purchased here.